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Cedar Rose Vineyards- 9/30/2018

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hello again, Wine Lovers! Today we are coming to you with a review of Cedar Rose Vineyards in Millville, NJ. Cedar Rose is currently open to the public by appointment only.

We stopped by Cedar Rose on our way back from the shore on a Sunday afternoon. The winery is located conveniently off of NJ Route 55 (exit 29 or 32).  When we pulled up to the property, we were surprised by the level of beauty the property has already. For such a new winery, you can truly see the hard work and dedication that the Owners have put into the operation. We highly encourage you to review their website ( for their story (see Dig Deeper section). This page will give you the background on their journey.

The tasting room is outfitted with all types of reclaimed wood and materials that make for a tasteful, impressive, and modern design. Their ability to reuse and appreciate all types of items, that may have been otherwise discarded, is impressive and admirable.

Now on to the important stuff…the wine! We had the opportunity to taste up to eight of their 11 varietals at the time. Here are our notes:

  1. 2016 Traminette- Similar to an off-dry riesling, beautiful floral notes on the nose

  2. 2017 Chardonnay- Fermented in stainless steel and in a sur lie style (white wine fermented with yeast for a longer period of time, similar to a red wine; gives body)

  3. 2017 Chambourcin Rose- Dry, crisp, balanced acidity rose (We also had an opportunity to try the Cabernet Franc Rose at a wine festival which was also VERY good!)

  4. Kindling Edition 1- Very similar to a Cabernet Franc on the nose and in taste

  5. 2015 Chambourcin- Smooth and big bold fruit flavors with this one

  6. 2015 Samara- Blend of Blaufrankisch/Cabernet Franc (54/46), smooth and dry, great for fall and winter seasons

  7. 2016 Blaufrankisch- Smooth and delicious (unfortunately these are all of the notes on this one, we were slacking by this point, clearly!)

  8. 2016 Thundergust- Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Chambourcin (30/30/30), this was our favorite, we plan on stopping back for this blend

We left with bottles of their Traminette, Chambourcin Rose, and Samara.

We highly recommend you stop by this gem of a winery, soon! If you live further away, plan to visit Cedar Rose and some of the other wineries in the Outer Coastal Plain AVA region. We recommend making a trip out of it!

As mentioned above, Cedar Rose is currently open by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment with them via their Facebook page (Facebook). We believe they will be open fully soon with regular operating hours, but we recommend scheduling an appointment with them now to guarantee a personalized experience. There’s been a lot of hype around Cedar Rose Vineyards (for good reason), so get in before the crowd!

Please see below for our scorecard for Cedar Rose Vineyards. Wine is calling, we must go!

Nick & Ed

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